Rent or buy a motorhome to go on holiday: focus on a new trend

Looking for an authentic and cheap stay? If, like many Americans, you want to discover your destination in complete freedom, travelling by motorhome to go on holiday is an excellent solution. Discover all the good reasons to try this unique experience.

Why choose a motorhome holiday?

Motorhome holidays are a great success for several reasons. If this mode of travel is so popular, it is above all for the feeling of freedom it provides. By renting a camping car, you can travel around the country of your choice as you wish and without constraints. Plus, all the camping equipment is provided. Tired of tourist trips? Spice up your holiday by getting off the beaten track. As the only master on board, you plan your itinerary according to your wishes.

Friendly, motorhome holidays are also much more economical than classic all-inclusive holidays. Perfectly equipped, these comfortable vehicles allow you to travel with several people, with your dog, your children and as much luggage as you wish.

Rental of motorhomes

Booking a motorhome on site is very simple. Choose from the multitude of vehicles offered by professional agencies or private owners. Compare facilities, equipment and prices in a few clicks before confirming your booking online. Sporty van for off-road driving, capucine family camper van, streamlined or integral camper van, make your selection from a multitude of comfortable vehicles.

Simply launch a targeted search by determining your departure day, the length of your stay and where you want to pick up the vehicle. A list of results with the available motorhomes and caravans is displayed. Finalize your reservation in a few clicks and prepare your luggage. Get off at the best prices, even at the last minute thanks to the package deals! Relax and enjoy your holiday to the full.